The Prairie Climate Centre

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The Prairie Climate Centre is committed to making climate change meaningful and relevant to Canadians of all walks of life. We bring an evidence-based perspective to communicating the science, impacts, and risks of climate change through maps, documentary video, research reports, and plain-language training, writing, and outreach.

The PCC team is made up of climate scientists, social science researchers, filmmakers, and communication specialists. Our transdisciplinary, community-based approach connects rigorous climate science with human stories grounded in local experience on the landscape. We honour the diverse experiences, voices and insights of communities and help them tell their climate change stories.

Our team has high-level expertise and many years of experience in climate change science and storytelling; we are “meaning makers” who work with diverse forms of data and can connect with various audiences including the general public, policymakers, non-governmental organizations, Indigenous communities, scientists, and technical experts.

Our goal is to inspire citizen participation, to support communities in making meaningful and effective adaptation and mitigation decisions for current and future generations, and to help Canadian society move from risk to resilience.