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Display climate change information for the region where you are right now.


Type in some characters and choose the name of the municipality, First Nation Community, or Inuit Community in the appropriate search box to display detailed climate data. If your location isn't listed, you can search instead for regional data using the map or "Find a region" below.

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Enter an address or location to display climate variables for that general region.

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Select a type of region to use with "Find me", "Find a region", and "Select a region on the map".

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This page lets you display and explore climate data. It lets you choose a location to display as well as various ways of exploring the data. The data is shown on graphs, in text tables, and can be downloaded as CSV files.


The various Location options allow you to choose the region whose future climate you want to explore.

Use "Find Me" to display data for where you are right now.

The "Find a municipality" options allows you to choose to display location data for over 500 cities and towns

You can also select a region using the map.

Under the "More options" section, you will find a form that allows you to search for a region by address or landmark, and the option to choose the kind of region you want to search for using that form or on the map.


The Variable menu lets you select from the many kinds of climate data presented on the Atlas map, if the display type permits. (Scatterplots and Climographs always display temperature and precipitation.)

Hover over each variable name to display a brief description.

Type of display

The Type of display form above allows you to choose what type of data to display.

Time series

This option provides yearly values for 1950-2095 from 24 climate models. It also provides some basic summary values and historical data for context.

You can display these values for any climate variable on the atlas, and for two climate change scenarios.

Start here if you want to explore the projected values for different future time periods and climate change scenarios.

Frequency distribution

The frequency display provides the percentage distribution of projected annual values across three different 30-year time periods.

You can display these values for any climate variable on the atlas, and for two climate change scenarios.

This display is useful if you want to see the relative likelihood of projected conditions, if you want to explore how much more common extreme conditions are projected to become, or if you want to see the shifting average values of variables over time.


The scatter plot displays the projected change in annual mean temperature and precipitation for all 24 climate models, for the future time periods 2021-2050 and 2051-2080 (relative to 1976-2005).

This provides a way to easily explore the amount of agreement within the ensemble of models for this location, and to identify models that are outliers relative to the rest of the ensemble.


The climograph displays modelled monthly average temperature and total precipitation for two time periods: a 1976-2005 baseline and either the 2021-2050 or 2051-2080 future period.

This is a convenient summary of basic climatic values for a location, and the monthly resolution can reveal important seasonal and monthly patterns in projected changes.

Much more information about how to use this page, and why and how to work with these different kinds of data can be found in the Atlas Guidebook.


This graph shows yearly values for 24 individual climate models (1950-2095), historical data from Natural Resources Canada (1950-2013, if available), and lines indicating the mean value and the 10th and 90th percentile values across the models for each year. The model values for 2006 and later are coloured differently because the two available emissions scenarios (RCP4.5 and RCP8.5) diverge as of 2006.


The maps and images provided for download here are licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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