Lesson Plan 2

Climate Change and Health
lesson plan two


In this lesson, students will learn the impacts that climate change has on human health. By learning how health is impacted by climate change we can better understand how to protect ourselves immediately and in the long-term by taking steps and adapting our behaviours to reducing climate change.


We often think about climate change as something abstract or remote. We hear scientists talking about melting ice caps, see images of drought in faraway places, or browse through news coverage of exotic weather disasters. However, climate change is having effects right here and right now in Canada. And the risks aren’t just theoretical or abstract. The effects of climate change are up close and personal, affecting the everyday lives and health of Canadians. For more information read our Climate Change and Health article and our guidebook on Connecting Climate Change and Health.

Student Learning Targets:

  • Understand the link between our environment and our health
  • Identify the climate factors that affect health directly and indirectly through our environment.
  • Discuss at-risk populations for climate impacts
  • Describe ways to benefit our personal health by taking action on reducing climate change


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