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FortWhyte Alive

Solar Powered Farming

At FortWhyte Alive’s solar-powered farm, young people are coming together to fight climate change, restore habitat and encourage biodiversity.

Located just inside Winnipeg’s city limits, FortWhyte Alive is a destination for environmental education and recreation deeply committed to protecting the environment. The centre strives to connect humans with nature through a variety of unique programs and events that foster sustainability in the community.

One of FortWhyte Alive’s newest programs, the solar farm is a model for how urban agriculture can be used to educate young people, foster community, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And as a social enterprise, the revenue generated by the farm is put back into the community. “We grow youth, food, and community,” summarizes FortWhyte Farms Manager, Dannielle Mondor.

The most visible feature of the farm is a large bank of solar panels. It’s actually the largest installation of solar panels in Winnipeg. “You have solar panels, native prairie plants, wild pollinators and honeybees all in one space, working together. It’s a really neat example of what real action toward fighting climate change and investing in biodiversity can look like,” says Mondor.

This is a “good news” story and great example of how people in communities across the country are coming together to fight climate change and make a difference – one small action at a time.